The Truth is Always Stranger than Fiction

Ever wonder if we’re really alone? Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Way back in 1947, a family was traveling far from home on vacation when something out of the ordinary happened.  First they witnessed a blinding light akin to a giant strobe light, then an explosion unleashed waves of thunder.  When they awoke, they were in distant small town named Roswell in the state of New Mexico. Their story was heard throughout all galaxies.

Conspiracy theorists claim there were numerous cover up stories lead by the US Government, and this family had escaped Hanger 17 to continue their travel through the cosmos.  The problem is that the middle child of this alien family ended up coming out with a bit more than a flesh wound and is still hanging around on Earth.  Some secret underground sources have began leaking information out to Earthlings to this day.  If you’re lucky enough to find this odd being, and have the connections… Maybe you can hire….. Norman!

Norman typically doesn’t divulge the whereabouts of his family, so it may be tricky to get the entire story in it’s entirety.  It all started back in the mid to late 1800’s when the small town was plagued with many issues.  Around 1865 the area had been home to hopeful settlers, but were forced to leave due to lack of water.  It’s likely roots came from a pair of homes built in 1869 by settlers from the Midwest.  It’s first real jump to becoming established was when they finally found water in 1890.  Most conspirators believe Norman had already visited the area due to recently uncovered historical evidence left by local indigenous people many years ago.  The military kept this information and transcribed them into (at one time) declassified documents.  The locals claimed to have seen flashes of light followed by loud rumbling similar to that of what Roswell experienced in 1947. A lot of things strange have been happening across the desert landscaping, and the historical evidence is clearly depicted in petroglyphs which a few quiet individuals are claiming is still visible today.

Operation Mogul.  Is it all a cover up?  Is it possible to locate Norman?

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Claims of ejector seat testing have surfaced. No longer a weather balloon, but was a test of ejection method and landing.
The general appearance of this balloon or chute doesn’t appear to have enough conclusive evidence of it’s original purpose.
Reported evidence of the remains at the crash location. Probably more in line with the ejector seat theory.
Famous paper from Roswell Daily Record

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